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Thomas W. Wilson, Jr.

OCLt Thomas W. Wilson, Jr.

A/1C Tom "Bear" Wilson came to Echo Flt in Sep '60. Upon graduation, Lt. Wilson was assigned to Harlingen AFB, TX for nav tng. Tom was a long-time EWO in F-105 and F-4 Wild Weasels with SEA several tours. He retired, a Lt. Col. Tom might be the most famous 61-C guy. No doubt due to the effectiveness of our Comm Skills teacher, "Bear" became a writer -- has written something on the order of eight published novels. You can check the internet for a recap of his work at: His "net" bio reads, "Tom 'Bear' Wilson was a career USAF Officer with 3,000 hrs flying time, mostly in fighters. During his 500 hours of combat flying, he earned 4 Silver Stars for gallantry and 3 DFC...He also served in various roles as instructor, flight examiner, tactician, staff officer and unit commander. After leaving the military, "Bear" enjoyed diverse careers, including: private investigator, gunsmith, newspaper publisher, and manager of advanced programs for a high-tech company in Silicon Valley. "Bear" resides in Texas and has recently completed his seventh novel, "Black Canyon." (Read: eight, Black Sky) . Author! Author! Tom has five children and 14 grandkids, "all perfect," he says. -- and a new wife!
   Tom passed away August 31, 2014 after a period of ill health.

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updated: 09/01/2014