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We remember
Edward J. Devries

OC Maj Edward J DeVries
Nema & Ed at 2003 reunion

SSgt Ed DeVries military career began Oct 1953 at age 18 in airborne radar maintenance. In 1958, he rejoined the AF and worked radar at Castle, Goose Bay, and Biggs. Mr DeVries was selected as Commander of the "Thundering Third," Dec 1960. A DG, Lt DeVries stayed at Lackland as a BMT tng officer. In 1964, he and Nema went to Keesler where Ed studied Avionics Maint Mgmt. He stayed in the career field with duties at Misawa, in Vietnam, and Korea (Pueblo crisis), mostly in the F-100 business. In 1969, Capt DeVries joined the 438AMS at McGuire AFB, NJ (C-141). 1969-70, he worked EC-47 at Phu Cat, RVN. 1970-73 were spent at Lowry (bootstrap to Omaha -1972), then to Langley as ATC Advisor to TAC -- TAC was acquiring the F-15, AWC and A10. "The best job I ever had!" Ed writes. In 1976, Ed joined the ATC IG team at Randolph and was selected as 12FMS commander in 1978, retiring in 1979. He stayed at Randolph in the airplane business until switching to Real Estate. He says, "I had some medical problems and retired completely in 1987." Ed says he quit smoking but still plays the ponies. Nema (his wife of over 50 years) and Ed have 5 grown children and eight grandchildren.

Ed passed away August 18, 2007 after a long illness. He will be sorely missed by his friends and classmates.

Ed DeVries Memorial Service: 23 August 2007

Our friend and classmate, Edward John DeVries, was memorialized in moving ceremonies in San Antonio on 23 August 2007.
The service began in a funeral chapel filled with family, friends, and flowers at 10:00 A. M. in Universal City, where Ed and Nema had lived for many years. Prominent among those at the service were an entire row of Nema’s friends, ladies of the Red Hat Society, wearing their distinctive emblem red hats.
The service was conducted by the Reverend Henry Talcott, a long-time close friend of the DeVries family. Ed and Nema’s love was a theme of the service, a love story that began 55 years ago for a 17 year-old groom and his 15 year-old bride. Ed’s son, also Ed, shared his memories and feelings for his dad. Ed was also remembered warmly by Dan Deibler, who had come to love Ed as a brother since they first met at OCS.
The service continued at Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, where Ed was honored with a full military funeral. The Air Force Honor Guard moved the casket from the hearse to a shelter for the rest of the ceremony. The Honor Guard ceremoniously folded the flag which had covered the casket and presented it to Nema. The ceremony ended as the bugler sounded Taps, and the Honor Guard fired a 21-gun salute in Ed’s honor. 
For those who would like to make a donation in memory of Ed DeVries, the family has suggested that online donations to the American Lung Association may be made at the following Website:

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